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Web Design, Digital Marketing, Branding, and ongoing support

Your online presence starts with your website. But, here are other services that you may need- Web Design, Digital Marketing, Branding, Website Maintenance & Hosting, PPC & Paid AD Campaign

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Blinto builds modern websites for your modern ideas!

We’re a one-stop solution for small businesses and solo entrepreneurs to bring their passion to light with a professional website made within weeks. Our professionally designed websites, digital marketing and SEO strategies, and ad campaigns can grow your online presence while generating traffic.

Our services are specially curated to provide an amazing customer experience with zero hassle. Blinto serves your business globally.

Our Packages

to help you build a website

Website Design & Development

Start your business with a strategically designed website. Our team will create a personalized design for your brand to communicate with your audience across all marketing channels. Websites are developed using WordPress, Elements, and multiple plugins to generate a modern appeal.

Branding design

Stand out in the crowd with a consistent branding style. From logos to icons to marketing materials and font styles; our team will create customized styles for your business that speak to the audience.

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing will bring customers to your site while you’re asleep. Get targeted visitors from the internet who’ll be genuinely interested in your business. Build leads through SEO, email marketing, and ad campaigns.

Hosting and Maintenance (Website Care Plan)

Your website needs care! Our team takes the daily chore of updating, maintaining, and checking all the necessary issues off of your shoulders.

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Here are a few stunning websites we’ve built for these brands: And we’re excited to build one for you.

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