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How to grow organically on Instagram

If you did not know already here’s a fact, Instagram has a higher brand engagement rate than both Facebook and Twitter. This means businesses have a greater chance at engaging with potential customers on Instagram than on Facebook or Twitter. The Instagram algorithm makes the best use of branded content and over 70% of the time it is successful in exposing it to the relevant audience base.

Growing your business profile on Instagram can be an easy thing or it might be one of the most riddled matters you’ve come across. In the following passages, I’ll try to explain to you the basics of Instagram organic growth. Hopefully, by the time you’re done, you’ll know how to set up or reboot your Instagram profile for better performance.

Instagram ranks content based on 3 standing pillars: Relationship, Interest, and Timelines. These 3 pillars ensure that whatever content a user is exposed to has the highest relevance compelling them to spend more time on the app. 

Based on these 3 pillars I have scoped out a few basics that one must get right to make sure their business profile is booming with organic growth. they have been explained below:

Increase engagement time:

Increasing engaging time helps your profile tick the relationship box in the Instagram algorithm. As stated before, the relationship between two accounts is a key factor in the algorithm. In such cases, make sure you’re following every relevant profile that matches your business, following back whoever is following you, and leaving comments on relevant content according to t the type of your business. The more you engage, the stronger relationship you’ll have with accounts. This will help your content pop up on more screens.

More you engage in others’ posts the better your chances of ticking the relationship factor in the algorithm.

Compelling content generation:

If you are creating content that only promotes who you are or what you do that won’t click. Instagram users engage in content that strikes out from the crowd. According to the social media report by Falco.io, 72% of users want content regarding discounts and sales, 60% want information on new products and services and 59% want content that can teach them something in a relevant value generation matter. If you’re creating compelling content you’re ticking off the Interest factor in the algorithm, helping your content to pop up in more searches.

Providing content that viewers can easily extract value from go miles ahead than any other type of content.

Consistent timeline:

Instagram insight allows you to see what time of the day and week your audience is most active. It also shows which content has performed well in what timeline. The rick here is to consistently provide content so that your ones are there at the very top. In this case, you must diversify the type and make it a mixture of feed posts, stories, and IG TV. This ensures ticking off the Timeline factor of the Instagram algorithm. If your account is new and you haven’t reached 100 followers yet, here’s our suggestion of the best time to post your content

  • Wednesday 11 AM (As per your audience time zone)
  • Friday 10 to 11 AM (As per your audience time zone)
  • Tuesday 10 AM to 3 PM (As per your audience time zone)

Use hashtags wisely:

Whatever you don’t jump on the bandwagon of using the most dominated and popular hashtags there is. Yes, they might be the ones with a good reach but they’re also dominated by thousand of others like you. Here’s what we suggest,

  • Mix up dominating hashtags with niche ones 
  • Ensure the niche-specific hashtags are relevant to your business
  • See what established players in your field are using and derive ideas for relevant hashtags.
If the hashtags match the type of content and are used wisely, there’s a high chance you’re going to reach the proper audience.

I personally feel obliged to say that these are the fundamentals that come down to execution. I will be covering the nitty-gritty details of Instagram content diversification, and hashtag usage for profile growth in the following weeks.

So stay tuned and leave a comment below if you found it useful!


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