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Dr. Wahida Khan Chowdhury is a renowned dermatologist in Bangladesh. She has been one of Bangladesh’s most renowned doctors in the field of Dermatology and personalized skin care treatment. With a dedicated team and years of expertise and xpereince behind her Dr. Wahida has made her self known far and wide in the field of dermatology.

The Problem

Dr. Wahida Khan Chowdhury is a renowned dermatologist in Bangladesh. The challenge for accomplished and highly reputed professionals such as Dr. Wahida is having a digital platform that can encompass their value,experience and expertise in the right way. The most prominent challenge after creating a digital platform was to make sure it was patient friendly and had all the necessary elements to ensure a user friendly experience.

The Solution

To ensure Dr.Wahida’s digital presence Blinto developed a very simple yet modern telemedicine and consultation enabled website for Dr.Wahida Khan Chowdhuy. Moreover, the website was also designed in such a manner to reflect her specialized services for her patients. To top it off, we’ve also integrated a very reader friendly blog of her patients to find and read engaging content.


The Result

The website worked tremendously giving Dr. Wahida a more diverse range of patients and at the same time a systematic way to handle patient booking and visit management. The website also has acted as a trusted tee-medicine enabler during the lockdown which ensured her patients to get treatment even during lockdown.

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