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Get a Free WordPress website with SiteCare for only $99/month

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Mercery Traders


Mercury Trades is an internet service provider in Bangladesh. It is well known for its top notch high speed internet connection service. They have lucrative connection packages and have modern internet services which ensures customer satisfaction and security.

The Problem

Mercury Trades is a modern Internet Service Provider operating in Bangladesh. They’ve customized internet packages for their customer base and provide modern internet related services that other ISPs can’t. Their expertise and offerings were not digitally present in any platform where potential customers could view and review their internet solutions. This meant although they had tremendous modern services they weren’t properly-getting customers or getting their service offerings out there in a systematic manner.

The Solution

To make sure Mercury Trades had the perfect digital presence Blinto developed a modern website for them. This website was unique to any other ISP. The website has a dedicated Network Map page letting customers know about Mercury Trades’ operation areas. A dedicated services page to showcase their unique offerings and their best packages portrayed through user-friendly design. And to top it off a lead generating contact form for customers to be reached out at any time for providing them customized services.


The Result

Quite instantly Mercury Trades got a good response in terms of client acquisition. Their website has been a primary source for acquiring new clients. Their website has also given the brand recognition as a modern internet service provider with unique offerings.