Get a Free WordPress website with SiteCare for only $99/month
Get a Free WordPress website with SiteCare for only $99/month

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PPC Rockers


PPC Rockers is a white label PPC service provider. They are known to cater to their client’s PPC advertisement needs done everything from the back end. They work on a B2B scale and helps become an expert addition to any business who wants to provide PPC services without taking any credit.

The Problem

PPC Rockers is a white label PPC service business. Their task is to get your business the deserved traffic through PPC ads working from the background. The problem they faced was they needed a website to portray to their customers actually what they did, how they did, and how their customers would get the service. They needed to portray their business in the most effective, traffic generative manner to ensure that clients knew exactly what PPC rockers were all about.

The Solution

Blinto developed a robust website for PPC Rockers with a customer-oriented content architecture. The website was made with distinctive pages each serving a purpose like Process, Pricing, Blog, etc. The website also has a comprehensive case study module where clients can get a case study of their business by putting in details. The website also has a live chat option for meeting a visitor’s query.


The Result

The results were visible in the form of healthy website traffic. This showed that the website was effective in portraying what PPC Rockers is all about. Moreover, the case study option also saw many business owners opting for free case studies who later turned into long-term clients. The blog also had a good engagement rate which meant customers were persuaded to take the service after educating them with the nitty-gritty details of the service itself.