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Get a Free WordPress website with SiteCare for only $99/month

Branding & Web Design

Prof. M.N Huda



Dr. Professor MN Huda is one of Bangaldesh’s well known dermatologist and professor. He is a high esteemed professional in his field with expertise like no other and with many years of experience.

The Problem

Professor MN Huda being a reputed dermatologist and professor in his field required a digital presence to communicate with patients both home and abroad. His presence had to be made ensuring the stature of his experience, expertise, and his services in the field of dermatology.

The Solution

To ensure Prof.Dr.MN Huda the best digital presence Binto developed a clear, sophisticated, and goal-oriented website. The website has distinct pages with clear cut information about his work experience, his presence in international conferences. There is a separate page with all services portrayed there with necessary details of the services linked to its dedicated page with a button.


The Result

For a personality of such high reputation, the website has worked wonders in creating Prof.Dr.MN Huda’s brand value. Moreover, it has also made his expertized services portrayed in an organized and patient-friendly manner. The platform also exists as one of the most prominent solution providers for any cases related to skincare and dermatology expertise.