Get a Free WordPress website with SiteCare for only $99/month
Get a Free WordPress website with SiteCare for only $99/month

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Shadleen’s is an organic food and ingredient e-commerce business. They specialize in providing food that is organic, healthy and chemical free. Their products are homemade and their commitment is to ensure top quality food and ingredients.

The Problem

Shadleen’s provides healthy, organic, and chemical-free food and food ingredients for their customers. However, in the beginning, they did not have a system in which they could gauge the number of orders, delivery, and revenue. Order collection, delivery, and product showcasing was a difficult task that needed solving because at Shadleen’s they prepare their products fresh from scratch which means there’s no room for wastage or compromise.

The Solution

Understanding what Shadleen’s stood for and what could benefit their business, Blinto developed a woocommerce backed website for Shadleen’s. The website has an updated cart system, a parallax gallery for product showcasing, and a modern blog to engage and educate its consumers. The website has been developed on WordPress so it is easy to manage by Shadleen’s and make necessary changes. Moreover, the website also has the messenger bot integrated with it for instant query management.


The Result

The website stood for everything that was required for Shadleen’s quality-oriented business model to thrive. Order management, delivery, and revenue generation became measurable which helped Shadleen’s as a business to gauge the requirements for operations to meet customer demand. Also, the robust and sophisticated website has given Shadleen’s a very positive and credible brand image in the minds of their business audience.