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We can’t wait to work with you

Here at Blinto, we stand by our values and hope the same from our clients. Before we hop on a discovery call, please go through these general conditions to see if we’re a good fit-

Understanding of the business

We prefer our clients to have a clear vision regarding their business. Understanding every detail of any business might be difficult for anyone, and we don’t expect you to have that sort of knowledge. However, having a clear idea and a vision of where you see your business in 3-5 years is important.

Know your audience

Without knowing the target audience, it is indeed a difficult task to build a website. Websites are built with a clear image of the audience in mind, and without that, it’s quite impossible to build any site that’ll translate to your ideal visitors.

Able to communicate

Our team works tirelessly with businesses almost all over the globe to provide the best quality possible. To work with us, you must communicate your requirements, thoughts, or ideas in a clear way for us to implement them. It is not possible for one to completely understand the desires of the person in front of them if they don’t communicate properly. We expect you to be in touch via email, video calls, discussion sessions, and text messages throughout the process.

Have a Budget

We try our best to provide the best quality, even on a budget. Low-budget, crappy sites will cost you a lot over the years, especially because you’ll feel the need to update them quite often and might face maintenance issues. Here at Blinto, we only create websites that’ll rank on search engines, look trendy, and engage visitors, and for that, we recommend you have a set budget.

Time commitment

Blinto provides super-fast service in terms of website design. However, clients should have an idea of how much time is required to create a professional website that actually converts visitors into customers. And trust us, it takes a significant amount of time to build that kind of site. If this time commitment doesn’t ruin the excitement for you, we’re a good fit.