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Blinto’s “Complete branding and web design” product takes care of two major sides of your business- developing a recognizable brand and a modern website.
Blinto’s “Complete branding and web design” product takes care of two major sides of your business-developing a recognizable brand and a modern website. This product caters to every aspect of making your mark in the digital arena. A few sure shot competitive edge that comes with the product are:
Over the course of 8 weeks, our product will transform your business like no other. Like most transformations, it goes through rigorous weeks of tactful work. A brief understanding of the delivery of our product is illustrated below:
We firstly focus on three major aspects that lay the foundation of the upcoming weeks. Firstly, we strategize the brand using our standard brand questionnaire followed by a unique copywriting draft for your website. Finally, we create a total layout for your website to further develop it in the upcoming weeks.
This week is all about setting the aesthetic sense of your brand. The two main aspects that we work on are the mood board review and the color palette options. Our project manager will guide you to create a Pinterest board which we will use as your website inspiration board.
We kick off this week by developing the brand. The brand will be created in such that it narrates the vision of your business. First, we create all the elements needed to build up the brand. This includes shapes, custom icons, logo fonts, etc. After that, a complete brand guideline will be created which will highlight every little detail about your brand, where and how it is to be applied, etc.
This week, our UX/UI designers will jump on designing the most important page of your brand new website. The designer team will work with the project manager here. They will make sure that the UI of the home page is the outcome of your brand goal and business conversion.
These 2 weeks when things start to come into existence. All of our hard work will result in a fully functioning mock-up of your ideal website. This website will contain the necessary pages for you to assess your expectation and the website that has been made for you.
After our final revisions, we will conduct a standard Q/A check listing developed from our 8 years of experience. This will ensure that the website we deliver meets every standard of quality.
This week your website goes live. But not to worry, after the launch we’ll guide you through the basics of using your own website as per your liking. We’ll also share our guidelines on how to generate traffic to your website and get it up and running.
1. Brand guideline We’ll provide you with a brand guideline that will speak for your business. It’s a comprehensive guideline that will include all of your brand elements such as logo, font, custom icons, color palette, etc. This guideline will be developed over a thorough rigorous process and using this guideline will be aligned to help you achieve your business goals.
2. UI design: Digital businesses thrive when it is backed by a unique design. With this product, you’re to remain certain that a customized value-driven UI design will be provided that will bring maximum results. The basis of the UI design will be your business type, vision, and smooth customer navigation.
3. Website development: This product over the course of its development will give you a robust website with effective functionality. Not only that, but you’ll also be provided with a guideline on how to generate traffic to your website and a tutorial pdf and video on how to use your website as per your necessity.

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