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An apt and aligned landing page can create sustainable growth for your business through consistent sales.
Landing pages are crucial to the online performance of any business. An apt and aligned landing page can create sustainable growth for your business through consistent sales. Not only will it bolster your sales it will leave a long-lasting first impression on your customers. Our landing pages will be campaign oriented, conversion focused and mobile optimised to ensure seamless performance. Your landing page will be integrated with a CRM software and relevant eCommerce solutions so that you may see your conversions turn into actual revenue.
Proven landing pages will help you reach business goals, optimize the SEO performance of google search, and enhance your visibility in the digital world. Significant implicit advantages of a landing page are:
Over the timeframe of 2 weeks, our team will come up with a unique and strategic landing page that will perform. Our tactically driven method of delivering the optimum landing page is illustrated below for your better understanding:
1. Strategizing: We start things off by understanding what you are all about. That means we determine the type of landing page that needs to be delivered and the platform on which it is to be developed. Keeping your business goals and vision in mind the type of landing page, its development platform, and necessary functionalities will be finalized.
2. Copywriting: Once we know what you’re expecting, our profoundly experienced content writers will create the content architecture of your landing page. The content architecture will reflect your conversion goals, with every word carefully placed to achieve optimum performance.
3. UI design: The content architecture will act as a guideline for our creatively induced designers. With precision and poise, our designer will develop each and every element of the UI design. The design will be engaging and conversion goal-oriented.
4. Development: Depending on the agreed-upon platform, the landing page will be developed either in WordPress or on hosted platforms such as Unbounce, Instapage, Leadpages etc. This is the phase where all the work culminates into a high-performance landing page. Before delivery, a mock-up of the landing page will be reviewed and upon feedback, it shall be amended. Before the landing page goes live, a standard Q/A check listing will be conducted to ensure maximum quality output.
1. Systematic lead generation: With a precise landing page aligned with the type of your business you can be sure of generating qualified leads which will turn into sales. A landing page that is precise and to the point will help you increase your sales growth rate, and also help increase customer emails for future targets.
2. Extract actionable customer insight: A well-developed landing page is a storehouse of data that can be analyzed to your advantage. With the necessary back end support, your landing page will help you determine where your customers are coming from, which end attracts them the most and help you make actionable decisions based on their pattern.
3. Ensures return on Campaign: Running a campaign to bolster your sales is a tricky and costly investment. With a performing landing page, catered to your campaign, see your investment come into fruition with returns like never before. It will boost your campaign’s effectiveness in quantifiable returns leading to business growth.

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