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Website Design and Development

Start your business with a strategically designed website. Our team will create a personalized design for your brand to communicate with your audience across all marketing channels

Small Business Website Design

Your first 👣step towards a small business starts with a website
Every small business owner needs a website to showcase their product. Don’t only focus on your social media channel.

Our team can create simple yet elegant websites that are professional and easy to use. No matter what stage your business is at right now, you can’t miss out on opportunities to build traffic. Drive your audience towards your website, and with SEO and digital marketing, create a funnel that works.

We design websites for small businesses based on their requirements and budget.

Custom Branded Website Design

Different websites to tell different stories
Every business needs a different website to tell its audience a unique story. The branding, values, and products must be different; hence, we create custom-branded websites based on your needs.

Your business can be in any industry. Our package includes websites made with WordPress, Wix, or WooCommerce and with various themes and plugins that are solely customized for each business. Domains and hosting are included in all of our packages
Get your custom-branded website in only 7 days!

E-commerce Website Design

Sell anything, anywhere

Blinto helps businesses grow their online presence which starts with their website

Our team works to create a brand strategy, branding style, content strategy, and action plan to develop a design that can speak to your visitors. An e-commerce site is crucial to targeting a specific audience and converting them into clients, and that is where our skills come into play.

With this package, you’ll get a website that is-

  • Visually appealing to the audience
  • Attracts visitors to click on the CTA
  • Does proper conversion optimization
  • Creates a funnel 
  • Grow your online presence

Landing Page Design

Grow your business with Sales Funnels
Blinto creates visually appealing landing pages that drive conversation and sales. Your business only begins with a website. Landing pages play a significant role in growing a sales funnel and newsletter.

We create landing pages that are statistically analyzed to generate leads and improve ROI. Most of our clients have observed a significant increase in their conversation leads with our optimized action plan.

This package is completely customized depending on each business and its game plan.
Want to accelerate your growth this year?