Team Members

Each member of our team is passionate about helping creative entrepreneurs build an honest brand & digital platform.

Fazle Rabbi

Founder & CEO

Fazle is the man who started it all. He is a family man who also happens to be the creator of Blinto. He loves minimalist design and believes in white space.

Zihadul Islam

WordPress Designer

Zihad is our WordPress Ninja. Everyday he spends at least 6 hours with WordPress. He loves to play with plugins & themes.

Rakibul H. Rocky

UI/UX Designer

Rakibul is the creative director of the Blinto. He likes to teach others and design beautiful websites that work.

Tushar Ghosh Joy

Tushar Ghosh Joy

Full Stack Developer

Tushar loves to play with programming languages. Developing cutting edge application is his hobby.

Saifullah Al Amin

Business Development Manager

Saifullah is our website strategist who helps creative entrepreneurs optimize their messaging and tell their story.

Mirza N. Islam

Video Content Creator

Sure, Fazle is the guy in front of the camera, but I’m the guy behind the camera! Well, I’m one of them. I assist the Video Team with event footage and other video content, and I edit videos for Blinto.

Naveed Ashfaque

Content Strategist

Naveed believes in the power of words. He'll take something technical and bring it down to its simplest digestible byte.